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Participants selected based on the call:

Ana-Maria Cazacu (Ursu)
Miruna Mirică-Damian
Raluca-Elena Doroftei
Edith Lázar
Alexandra Mihali
Oana Maria Nicuta Nae
George Pleșu
Mirela Stîngă
Andreea Vasile
Diana Vlasa


1. Dan Acostioaei, Seas under deserts, 2016, installation, video/HD, color, sound, 9’53”

Art Journalism. Course dedicated to emerging Cultural Journalists

In the context of the organization in Timisoara of the second edition of the Art Encounters biennale in 2017 and Timisoara winning the title of European Capital of Culture 2021, the Art Encounters Foundation launches an intensive course dedicated to contemporary art mechanisms and writing about art.


The course aims to analyze patterns of writing about art, while providing the participants with useful tips and an explanation of the way in which the local and international contemporary art scene works. The participants will engage with the second edition of the Art Encounters Contemporary Art Biennale, titled Life – A User`s Manual.

The course will be held over four days and it will address various topics of interest, such as: How do you write about art? Art criticism and art journalism – the `Biennialization` of the artistic world. What is an art biennale? Ways of working with art. What is a curator? – The value of art. What is the art market?

During the course, the participants will encounter renowned protagonists of the Romanian contemporary art scene – art historians and critics, curators, art gallerists and artists.The participants will also attend the official opening of the Art Encounters  Biennale and the guided tour conducted by the curators, Ami Barak and Diana Marincu.

Contemporary art needs an educated eye but also a fresh, curious, attentive, non stereotyped  approach. In the absence of dedicated art journalism, the art scene becomes an isolated environment, detached from the real world, and risks to develop a language of its own, incomprehensible to the rest of the world. Art journalism is about making art accessible to the general public.

Course Coordinator: Daria Ghiu

Calendar and requirements for participants

The course will take place in Timişoara between September 29 and October 2 and includes a visit to Arad.

The course addresses journalists under the age of 40 who acquired a minimum of 2 years of experience in journalism.

The course is free of charge and covers transport costs and accommodation. Two meals for the participants per day are provided by the organizers.

Application process

Those interested can send applications by e-mail to

Each application must contain :

  • An updated CV
  • A motivational letter (must contain a maximum of 2000 signs – spaces included, in Pdf fornat) mentioning your reason to participate in this course and your personal interest in the field of contemporary art
  • An article you have already published on a cultural subject (ideal but not mandatory on art, in Pdf format).

The Deadline of the submission period: Thursday August 31, at 5 PM.

The results will be announced on Monday, September 4.

2015 Edition      
2015 Edition